TechniQ® is dedicated to the highest standard of product quality. We have decades of market experience in the car refinishing and paint market. This is the driving force behind our great range of premium products that have been created especially for people who love their cars and bikes.

TechniQ® have researched, tested and formulated a professional range of premium quality products for all areas and types of repairs for the car and bike enthusiast. Where it comes to performance, TechniQ® will not compromise on quality. A PASSION FOR PAINT.

TechniQ® have four other specialist websites which are dedicated to the specific products for each enthusiast area. These can be enjoyed by using the links here below.  specialist website dedicated to everything for Brake Caliper Paint related.  specialist website dedicated to everything for refinishing and spraying alloy wheels.  specialist website for everything Car Body Filler related.  specialist website for all Car Underbody Protection Products.


TechniQ® team have been in the professional car refinishing industry for many years developing new innovative products across multiple market sectors.

The mission is straightforward. The team at TechniQ® understand the needs of car enthusiasts who are looking for the same high quality professional formula products normally used in professional marketplaces for their own refinishing projects. TechniQ® was launched into the market for this very reason.


TechniQ® launches a complete range of high quality professional Car Body fillers, Alloy Wheel Paints, Primers and Underbody coatings into the retail market.

We now have a brand new website dedicated to Alloy Wheel Paints.

You can visit here by clicking the link


TechniQ® launches a new range of Brake Caliper Paints and vehicle customising paints. 

We now have a brand new website dedicated to Brake Caliper Paints.

You can visit here by clicking the link


TechniQ® launches all new Premium Quality 2K Clear Coats and Primers range, RFU coatings and a completely new range of innovative Bodyshop safe Car Detailing and Cleaning Products. In 2020 TechniQ® becomes a UK approved distributor for CAR REP and MASTON Branded paint products in the UK, increasing the range of products available with many variations of DIY Market and Specialist Paints. These can be found here by clicking the link here>> Paints 

TechniQ® is now one of the most popular and well known online brands in the market and our products are sold online across Europe and beyond to more and more people who love their cars. TechniQ® continue their mission to develop exciting new products for the enthusiast in 2023 and beyond.