Aerosol FAQS

Will I get a nice smooth paint finish using an aerosol spray?

Yes, relative to your technique and if all instructions on the aerosol spray can are followed.  Most TechniQ aerosol products come fitted with a pro-fan professional adjustable spray nozzle as standard. Simply grip and turn the nozzle spray head to either a vertical or horizontal setting to obtain the required fan spray angle pattern in order to achieve the desired spray angle for the application.

Top tip

Always shake aerosol cans for three minutes before application and make a spray out first on an inconspicuous area before commencing spraying.

If I am repairing plastics, will I need a specialised plastic primer?

Not necessarily, you can use TechniQ 220 High Build Etch Rapid Primer as a plastic primer for most re coatable plastics. When repairing plastics always check the type of plastic to ascertain if it is compatible with the material used for the repair. 

For repairs to plastic surfaces which are bare or have an unknown existing coating we would always recommend using TechniQ Powerplast 34480 Plastic Primer / Adhesion Promotor

Do I always have to clean areas to be painted?

Yes always thoroughly clean any area to be painted. If you are sanding ready for a second primer application, it is important that you blow away all primer sanding dust from all areas before spraying again.

When I use aerosols I always seem to block the nozzle after spraying and then I can’t seem to spray material cleanly again.

After each use, invert the TechniQ aerosol spray can 180 degrees and discharge spray for approximately three of four seconds, this will purge and clear the internal valve and spray nozzle in readiness for next use.