TechniQ Professional Products Limited.  

Dispatch information is available in each product specific page by clicking the tab entitled “Shipping and Delivery Information”

Here below outlines our shipping and dispatch procedure

  • We use a variety of carriers to ensure that the best possible service and price are achieved.
  • TechniQ cannot guarantee any delivery times and dates stated by carriers.
  • We do not offer or guarantee a next day delivery.
  • TechniQ Professional Products Ltd reserve the right to change carrier and carriage charges at any time without prior notice.
  • We usually ship orders within two working days, however this depends upon the volume in our warehouse at the given time and therefore we not guarantee that every order will be shipped within two days.
  • Any extra delivery prices quoted do not include VAT.
  • All items we send use a tracked service.
  • All goods that are classified as “hazardous goods” will be sent out by courier, as these cannot be sent by post.
  • When your order has been dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain your VAT invoice along with your tracking information.
  • Customers are responsible for checking parcel tracking and ensuring that they are available to receive their delivery and that the courier has access to the delivery address supplied.
  • Customers can normally use the delivery company preferences on the chosen courier website to make delivery changes.
  • Parcels cannot be diverted to a different delivery address after they have been dispatched.
  • We only deliver to UK Mainland, if you are in an area outside of this please contact TechniQ directly by email: to enquire about your delivery zone.


Terms & Conditions

You can view our full Terms and Conditions on the Website by clicking here

Refund and Returns

Our refund and returns policy can be viewed by clicking here.

Missed Deliveries, Notifications, Tracking and Delivery Rescheduling Information

  • The delivery we choose are always given the contact information for the customer as provided to us on the original order, so that they can expedite the delivery on behalf of our company in the most timely fashion.
  • The company that we choose to make our deliveries will ALWAYS inform the recipient of the approximate time and date of the delivery of their parcel(s).
  • Notifications are always made to each customer by SMS text message and email to inform.
  • Delivery company ‘pre delivery’ or ‘estimated delivery’ notifications are ALWAYS sent by the delivery company to the individual recipients contact details as were provided to us in the original order information.
  • The onus of responsibility is therefore on each customer to firstly check their own tracking information by using the information we provide in the post order notification email and visiting the chosen delivery company’s website. If the delivery company attempt three deliveries because the parcel recipient has not either contacted the delivery company or used the tools on the delivery company website to arrange for a suitable safe place or neighbour to accept the delivery and or the parcel is then held by the delivery company, this will not qualify the customer for a refund.
  • Each customer is responsible for checking their own parcel tracking and always responsible ensuring that they will be readily available to receive their parcel delivery from the delivery company and that the incumbent courier or delivery person from the delivery company has ease of access to the delivery address as supplied to us in the original order information. We cannot know if or whether a customer will be available or not on the specific given day and at the given or specific estimated delivery time slot as notified to the customer by said delivery company.
  • All customers can visit the (chosen delivery company) tracking website and by entering their tracking number (as supplied to each customer) in our email notification received post each order) ascertain the delivery schedule and / or use the relevant website tools available on the delivery company website to either re arrange or reschedule their own delivery (if they are not going to be available at the time of delivery.)
  • IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: The delivery company we use and the courier (person) employed by the delivery company may not necessarily be able to distinguish if the given delivery address is a dedicated commercial or residential address and furthermore, it is not our responsibility to furnish the courier or the delivery company driver (person) with this specific information.
  • If a customer duly places an order which is to be delivered to a commercial address which has limited hours of operation, it is therefore not our responsibility to either guess or attempt to determine or attempt to convey any limited hours of operation to the courier, as deliveries by couriers may be attempted in hours other than the commercial premises operating hours due to their own daily schedules. This is completely the customer’s responsibility to either contact the delivery company, or use the delivery company’s tracking website to notify said courier of any restrictions which may prevent delivery / alternatively use the delivery company website to make any delivery preference changes and or re routing of the parcel prior to attempted delivery.