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TechniQ Paints A Million Brake Calipers !

TechniQ Paints A Million Brake Calipers !

TechniQ® Brake Caliper Paints quickly established themselves as the market leader and the enthusiasts choice. Sales of the product reached over 450,000 units by the close of 2018.

TechniQ® Brake Caliper Paints are the number one product for all car and bike enthusiasts who want top quality results and easy application.

As of February 2021 we are proud to announce to our customers that we have now sold over 800,000 units of our much trusted and market leading Brake Caliper Paint products to enthusiasts who love to love their cars and bikes.

By this marker our products have painted over one million brake calipers! The Brake Caliper Paint range now goes from strength to strength.

To celebrate this fantastic milestone we are very excited to announce that we have launched a Brand New range of four exciting and exclusive colours to add to this trusted range of paints. 

The four new exclusive TechniQ® Brake Caliper Paint colours are:

  • Motorsport Gold Caliper Paint for the Classic M sports style
  • Performance Blue Caliper Paint to get the Miami Blue Inspired look
  • Matt Effect Black Caliper Paint to  cater for the discreet racing line look
  • Maranello Grey Caliper Paint to replicate Ferrari 458 Grigio Scurio style

See these four exciting new Brake Caliper Paint colours HERE and let’s paint another million brake calipers!

The new colours are totally exclusive to TechniQ®.

Where painting Brake calipers is concerned, TechniQ DO NOT not and WILL NOT ever take any chances or compromise on the high quality of our paint products.

Don’t Compromise on qualityTechniQ® A PASSION FOR PAINT

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