NEW Product Launch

TechniQ® Launches NEW ULTRA-TEQ High Performance Chassis & Parts Coating

NEW ULTRA-TEQ High Performance Chassis and Parts Paint.

We have carefully listened to our customers. It is our customers who give us feedback and ideas which helps us to develop New and Exciting coatings and protection for their vehicles and restoration projects.

The result of feedback, vigorous testing and development during 2020 is here.


We are excited to announce the launch of this BRAND NEW PRODUCT.

TechniQ® have launched ULTRA-TEQ High Performance Chassis and Parts Paint.

ULTRA-TEQ is a is a very fast drying Hard Shell Anticorrosive coating for the restoration and refinishing of parts and vehicle components.

ULTRA-TEQ is formulated with a specially toughened resin which gives super increased bond strength and excellent final shell hardness, yet combining this with superior flexibility. ULTRA-TEQ coatings are temperature resistant to 150ºC.

ULTRA-TEQ – The typical areas for use are:

  • Vehicle chassis and frame
  • Wheel arch / hard to reach areas
  • Suspension components: Leaf and Coil springs
  • Arms, Drop links, Wishbones, Inner panels.
  • Door skins and Internal unfinished panel areas
  • Engine Bay side walls
  • Vehicle bulkhead / unfinished areas
  • Body mounts, Chassis rails / Areas that cannot be dissembled
  • Trailers, Chassis, Running gear.

ULTRA-TEQ is available in either a 250ml Brushable Paint or in a convenient 500ml Spray Can which has a professional adjustable fan nozzle.

ULTRA-TEQ has five finishes available, which are as follows:

RAL9005 Matt Black, RAL9005 Satin Black, RAL9005 Gloss Black, RAL 7016 Satin Anthracite Grey & RAL7001 Satin Silver.

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